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About Us

How it Started

For years, pregnant women from around the world have looked for the excellence in medical services available in the United States. Until recently, lack of knowledge and information had tremendously hindered access to these services. For this reason, “Have my Baby in Miami” was created as a medical service that, in addition to medical excellence, offered complete support with logistics guidance, educational workshops, and cultural support.

Now, the dream of having your child in the United States is closer to reality than you ever imagined!

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Institutional Video

Institutional mission

To ensure future mothers an unparalleled experience with highly specialized obstetric and pediatric services,  committed to caring for their most precious possessions: their children and their lives.

Our vision of the future

To Establish Have My Baby In Miami as a recognized global platform for maternity services in the United States to families of all countries, with an outstanding standard of quality, and an integrated and personalized approach.

Institutional values

  • Medical ethics.

  • Total dedication to mothers and their family members.

  • Integrated and personalized solutions.

  • Excellence in providing services.

  • Embracing all families and respecting diversity.

What we offer

  • Integrated maternity plans for the international community.

  • Assisted fertilization in partnership with Conceptions Florida.

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