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Have My Baby In Miami offers complete pediatric services provided by the professionals of the Night and Day Pediatrics, group recognized in South Florida for its excellence in medical care.

Night and Day Pediatrics offers medical availability around-the-clock, in addition its telemedicine and home service for local and international patients, who often are  not familiar with Miami and prefer the convenience of having physicians come to their place of stay.

During the prenatal period, pediatric services are already offered to parents in an informative and preparatory manner for the protection of the baby’s and the mother’s health.

In order to guarantee the newborn’s well-being, the initial medical evaluation of the baby is done by neonatologists. These professionals are continuously available on-site in the event a medical intervention becomes necessary.

After birth, our physicians continue to care for your newborn. During the hospitalization the baby is evaluated by the pediatrician in the first 24 hours of life,  and again before hospital discharge.

One key differential of our program is the outstanding breastfeeding support that is provided, first at the hospital, and then at home a few days after discharge.

The routine pediatric consultations take place on the second and third weeks of the baby’s life.  And if parents are still present, an additional consultation with vaccines is also provided on the sixth week.

Pediatrician, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Pediatrics Nurse Practioner,

Pediatrics Nurse Practioner,

Medical team

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