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Logistical Support



The process of requesting the baby's documentation is relatively simple and can be done by the parents themselves, as we provide all the necessary information. However, as a matter of convenience, if you would like to hire a consultant for this purpose, we recommend the Mister W Concierge* office.

For more information, visit:, Tel. +1 (305) 781-9194.

*Contracting the services of a professional is an important decision, which should not be based on advertisements. Before hiring, we recommend that you ask the professional, from any segment, to send you in writing information about their qualifications and service proposals.

The indications of certain third-party service providers are based on the reputation and history of excellence in serving our patients, who have free will to hire the professionals they wish.

Being a Mom in Miami does not benefit from any financial advantage for these referrals and is not responsible for the services rendered in any way.

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