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Health Insurance

The provision of international health insurance for the whole family with additional birth coverage and perinatal complications is highly recommended. Such additional coverage is only possible when insurance is purchased before the start of pregnancy. If your international insurance does not include this coverage, we suggest your purchase.

For pregnant women without childbirth coverage or perinatal complications, the provision of international health insurance for complications not related to childbirth is suggested at a minimum. Such coverage can be acquired through international health insurance or travel insurance. It is also recommended to purchase international health insurance for the infant after birth.

To facilitate the contracting of insurance, we count with the collaboration of an insurance agent, Marcelo Passos (Empire Financial Specialists)

Contact:; Telephones: + 1-305-654-1400; +1 (305) 915-7501.

We generally recommend that pregnant women only consider having their children abroad when gestation is not at risk. Such decision must be shared with the obstetrician taking care of the pregnant woman. Although the incidence of perinatal complications is very low, we do not recommend that pregnant women come to the United States who are not financially able, directly or through insurance coverage, to assume costs related to complications of childbirth.

Also, we definitely do not recommend considering public insurance use by foreign pregnant women, which is unethical and ill-seen from the point of view of the American community. The use of public insurance in the United States is not an automatic right of the American citizen, but is reserved for citizens who qualify through proven low family income. Families using Ser Mama’s medical services in Miami who subsequently make use of public insurance or leave outstanding accounts in the United States will be precluded from future participation in the program.

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