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Logistical Support



One of the main topics in preparation for the trip to Miami will be researching where the family will be staying. Although there are several ways to find a property, please be advised that some ways can be unreliable.

To hire a really safe place, our recommendation is that you use the services of licensed and trusted brokers.

To help with this research, we have the advice of the real estate agent Maite Narciso +1 (305) 790-5659*.

We recommend that the residence is within the city of Miami or near Mercy Hospital. If you intend to live in another city, it will be important that the mother is) in Miami from the 36th week of pregnancy.

If the delivery occurs unexpectedly and the patient is in any other city, our team will not be able to provide care.

*Contracting the services of a professional is an important decision, which should not be based on advertisements. Before hiring, we recommend that you ask the professional, from any segment, to send you in writing information about their qualifications and service proposals.

The indications of certain third-party service providers are based on the reputation and history of excellence in serving our patients, who have free will to hire the professionals they wish.

Being a Mom in Miami does not benefit from any financial advantage for these referrals and is not responsible for the services rendered in any way.

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